Plant trees with Dogecoin (or Bitcoin or Litecoin)

Cryptocurrencies generate CO2 but luckily trees love CO2. This site lets you plant trees using cryptocurrency. We have planted 5 trees thanks to your donations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the trees really planted?
A: We make the tree donations to the most reputable organizations that we can find.

Q: Why didn't the tree count change after I donated?
A: We update the tree count after making the donations, please check back to see the latest count or contact us here for more information.

Q: Is this tax deductible?
A: Due to the complex nature of tax law, please contact a tax specialist.

Q: What is the motivation behind this site?
A: Aside from potentially saving the planet, this site was created as a technology demo for the Tilt cryptocurrency payments platform.

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